A sustainable development

A sustainable development

The Croydon Partnership and the Whitgift Foundation are committed to creating a sustainable, high quality, retail led mixed use development with new homes for Croydon.

The team is working closely with Croydon Council to deliver a sustainable redevelopment of the Whitgift Centre site. We understand the need to incorporate environmental and engineering options earlier on in the design phase to encourage efficient energy use for the future operation of the scheme.

Be Lean

  • The proposed development is aiming to achieve at least an “Excellent” rating for the commercial spaces and a Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 for the residential units
  • Use of previously built-on land
  • Best practice environmental design, including good daylight, ventilation and acoustics
  • Use of sustainable, energy efficient building techniques to reduce CO2 emissions
  • Provision of water efficient WCs including sanitary supply shut-off and pulsed water metering
  • Energy use monitoring

Be Clean

  • Incorporation of low zero carbon technologies, including a combined cooling heating and power plant and PV panels to further reduce the CO2 emissions
  • Future roofing design to link into the proposed Croydon based district heating and energy centre
  • Adhere to sustainable construction site management practices
  • Sourcing timber from reclaimed, reused or responsible sources
  • Implementing a site waste management plan

Be Green

  • Provision of ecological enhancements such as brown roof and bird boxes
  • Maximisation of recycling and implementation of the best practicable environmental options for non-recyclable residual waste
  • Provision of safe bicycle storage space
  • Implementation of a Green Travel Plan
  • Green walls
  • Brown/Bio diverse roofs
  • Leisure areas