Community Day at Peppermint Community Centre

Community Day at Peppermint Community Centre

  • Date :
    01 March 2014
  • Venue :
    Peppermint Community Centre

Members of the Croydon Partnership Development Team came together to refurbish the hall at the Peppermint Children’s Centre in Franklin Way near Valley Park. Staff members from both Westfield and Hammerson gave the well-used hall a new lease of life.

As well as bringing the Partnership team closer together, spending a bright November day working with an organisation like Acorn2Oaks brings home the vibrant voluntary sector that exists in Croydon, working hard on bringing their local communities together. The estate alongside Valley Park sits isolated from other parts of Croydon and so the Children’s Centre is an important hub of activity for local residents. We hope that our small contribution of time has been of use and look forward to our return.

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