Croydon Partnership Community Plan - Annual Reception

Croydon Partnership Community Plan - Annual Reception

  • Date :
    10 September 2015

To celebrate the successes of the Croydon Partnership’s Community Plan last year, we hosted a reception in Braithwaite Hall, at the Croydon Clocktower on Thursday 10 September. The Community Plan, which launched last year and continues to run, working closely with the thriving voluntary sector across Croydon, has had a fantastic impact, and on the evening we had more than twenty community groups present which had benefited from our investment and support.

Through 2014 we invested a total of £308,526 into the Croydon Community, engaging with more than 4,500 local people, including working with more than 800 young people, and helping 101 into full-time employment (see our infographic, right, for more details about what we did in 2014).

Eliza Ribeiro, founder of Lives Not Knives, a charity that helps young people move away from crime and into employment, spoke passionately about how support from the Croydon Partnership has helped them. The donation of a unit in Centrale shopping centre has allowed Lives Not Knives reach a huge number of children and young adults across the borough, and help them to get the training and skills they need to become successful members of society. Donald Forde, from the Crystal Palace Football Club Foundation also spoke about how the Croydon Partnership’s backing allowed them to deliver a fantastic summer school to get school children into a summer school and participate in football workshops with one of the borough’s greatest success stories – a Premier League football club.

We would like to thank everyone who came along to the evening to celebrate our achievements so far. As we continue to invest in Croydon and its community throughout 2015 and beyond, we hope to see you all again next year with even more investment and good news.

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