Digital High Street Skills Course

Digital High Street Skills Course

  • Date :
    01 June 2015

Thank you for your interest in the Digital High Street Skills programme sponsored by the Croydon Partnership. As you are aware, the Croydon Partnership are giving the opportunity for 12 Croydon businesses to take part in this training programme by subsidising the cost of participation by 50% (value: £120).

What is the Digital High Street Skills Programme?

Digital High Street Skills is a tailor-made suite of training programmes specifically designed to help small businesses develop their knowledge of the internet, social media and the benefits of getting their business online.

From developing a website to using email marketing and social media, the three modules that make up the Digital High Street Skills programme will equip small businesses with the confidence, skills and tools they need to benefit from the rapid growth of e-tailing and ultimately increase their bottom line.

1 June 2015 – Module 1: Understand your Customer and Digital Marketing

8 June 2015 – Module 2: Develop your Business Online

15 June 2015 – Module 3: Grow your business through Social Media

To find out more about the course content and hear testimonials from businesses that have taken the course, go to

How Much Will It Cost Me?

The Digital High Street Skills programme is £80 per module which would total £240 per person undertaking all three modules. Croydon Partnership will be subsidising 12 places by 50% resulting in each person taking the course paying £120. The dates for the modules are listed above. Each module is 4 hours in duration and will run from 8am – 12pm. The venue for the modules will be at the Boardroom of the Management Suite of Centrale Shopping Centre. Each participant must attend all three modules.

How Do I Apply For A Subsidised Place For My Business?

Fill in the simple application form downloaded from this page and return to us via email at


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