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    08 May 2017


Westfield and Hammerson launch the next round of its Opportunity Grant Fund which is now open to all local charities and community groups across Croydon

The Croydon Partnership, the joint venture between Westfield and Hammerson which is set to redevelop Croydon’s retail centre, is pleased to announce the first of three £2,000 rounds of funding for 2017 to two successful applicants for its Opportunity Grant Fund.

The rolling fund, which was originally launched in June 2014 to support local community and charities engaging with young people and enterprise, has awarded a total of £2,000 to two distinct projects:

• Fico’s World has been awarded funding to support young people aged 18-24 that have directly or indirectly suffered from the effects of crime within their community. The funding will help provide a weekly safe haven for young people to be part of, where they can express issues they are facing, and work collectively to resolve violence within the community. The group, based in Thornton Heath, was established following the murder of Fico Dougan, a 17 year old from Croydon.

• Purley Youth Club has been granted funding to provide a wide range of activities for some of the most disadvantaged young people in Purley and surrounding areas. The grant will help support their weekly young people’s provision, enabling those attending to participate in a range of fun activities. The Youth Club also provides opportunities for parents of the young people to upskill by volunteering at the centre.

The second of three £2,000 rounds of funding for 2017 is now open, with the application criteria extended beyond the previous ‘youth only’ initiatives to now include broader enterprise. All types of local community enterprise groups and charities are now invited to apply for the £4,000 available the remainder of this year, including those who were successful in previous rounds, with the first deadline for submissions on 25th July 2017. Employability-focused initiatives are aimed at 12 to 18 year olds, whilst enterprise projects are open to any age group.

Steve Yewman, Development Director, Westfield, said: “We take pride in our continued support for inspiring local initiatives which seek to address issues that face locals in the community through our grants programme. We look forward to funding more projects over the coming year and encourage groups that match the broadened criteria to apply for the programme. ”

Carolyn Kenney, Development Director, Hammerson, said: “Both projects that have been awarded grants in the first round of funding for 2017 really impressed us. Having previously worked with the Purley Youth Club, we were inspired by their continued efforts to engage with disadvantaged young people in Purley. Similarly, Fico’s World stood out as a great example of how to tackle sensitive issues within a community. Their local work is encouraging as they actively engage with a number of young people in a meaningful way.”

The fund was originally set up to support groups that work with young people from across the borough to improve their employment prospects and promote enterprise. The Croydon Partnership now invites local groups and charities working with all sectors of the community to apply for a grant from the total of £6,000 per annum it has committed to the scheme, which forms part of the broader Croydon Partnership Community Plan.

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For further information:

Richard Stocks / Richard Sunderland FTI Consulting: +44 (0)20 3727 1000,

Notes to Editors:

Further background on the Opportunity Grant Fund

The Opportunity Grant Fund forms part of the Croydon Partnership’s Community Plan, which was launched in June 2014. There are three components to the programme, which commits the Partnership to become “Partners in the Town“, “Partners in Business” and “Partners in the Community”, which is where the Opportunity Grant Scheme sits.

The criteria for submission focuses on organisations developing employability skills, the provision of training and equipment, activities which develop positive attitudes towards work, and projects which provide practical experience of the workplace.

Applications are invited from: registered charities / CIOs (Charitable Incorporated Organisations / CICs (Community Interest Companies) / companies limited by guarantee or community / voluntary sector groups with a constitution (or set of rules).

Application forms are available:

• Online at

• By email on request to

• By post via the Croydon Partnership Community Team

Further background on the Croydon Partnership’s Community Plan

In June 2014 the Croydon Partnership launched its Community Plan; a rolling programme of community initiatives focusing on youth engagement and local enterprise. The plan encompasses the provision of training and education, a grants and bursaries programme, local sponsorships and additional in-kind support and assistance to the wider Croydon community.

The Community Plan demonstrates the Croydon Partnership’s commitment to long term investment in Croydon and the continuing regeneration of the area. The Croydon Partnership will be working closely with local businesses, community groups, Croydon Council and the Mayor of London.

All of these activities are over and above the Croydon Partnership’s investment in the physical development of the retail centre alongside the s106 commitments associated with the outline planning permission which received cross party support.

About Croydon Partnership’s plans for Croydon

The Croydon Partnership’s £1.4bn scheme will transform Croydon’s town centre into a 1.5m ft² state-of-the-art retail, leisure and restaurant destination, together with new public realm, creating 5,000 new jobs, new car parking and new residential units including affordable housing. This will act as the catalyst for the wider regeneration of Croydon, attracting new residents and visitors back to the town centre for the benefit of all local businesses, whilst delivering a safe destination for families. The Croydon Partnership can be followed on Twitter at @croydonpartners. You can also visit the website

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